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Our first leather edition! To cover the needs of my clients who put everything in their purse, be it cookies, coats, chewing gum... (I'm one of those too), now you can not worry about dirt!! You can wipe it down if it gets dirty because the cover  is made of leather!! 


2023 hasn't arrived yet, but our diaries are already here. Put your plans, goals and tasks in our Beatriz Diaries. A future full of potential. Inside you'll find 12 months of weekly, monthly, and yearly overviews, plus space for goals, notes, habits, and financials. 


This year we have 2 core options, our Agenda Beatriz Planner, the same as last year, and another one that we call Agenda Beatriz for 1x day, launched this year. For those who need the entire page for 1 day only. 


Just select the option you want in the core. 


  • 2023/2024 annual calendar

    Beliefs and values/Brainstorm

    Optional holidays/Important measures

    Intentions for 2023/Gratitude List

    Travel/Check in to paint the countries you've been to

    vacation to plan

    There are each month: objectives, notes (4 pages), monthly calendar, financial control, habits, total visualization of each week.