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A collab brings the DNA of two brands  to a single product, connecting their most respected audiences. The events ofConcept Materbring the unusual as the theme of the celebrations. A drawing, an umbrella, or even a shoe can be transformed into a concept by Ana. the diaries ofGabriela Stationeryreframe the role. They are sewn and made manually, bringing a design to be noticed with its apparent lines.


In this collab, we bring the purity of primary colors as a concept. The playful universe of children is present in the balls. A concept closely related to a mother's love: pure feeling, capable of overcoming all obstacles that may arise in order to see her children happy.


This Children's Diary was created to be participatory, where children can create an affective connection with their own book. It is divided into 2 parts: the first with content to be completed, both for parents and children; And, in the second, protected with butter paper, it was made to paste photos.


Thank you for letting us be part of this very special moment,

With love Ana and Gabi



Front cover