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Payment methods

Payments via wix payments, paid market, pix or bank transfer. For purchases over R$ 500 made on other social networks, the partial value of 50% is mandatory for order confirmation. We share up to 3 x.

Possible fees that may be charged by credit card companies or banks, for example in the case of payments in installments, are not our responsibility. 


All our products are produced here in the studio, with our production entirely handmade. Our main raw material is paper and sapphir. Saphir is a 100% rayon fabric (artificial cellulose fiber) of Dutch origin, with a natural finish. Some care for both materials:

1. do not crush, or bend them 2. do not leave it exposed to the sun, as it can change its physical characteristics (book covers and albums) 3. no product is water resistant 4. products must be kept in a clean place (be careful with dirty bags)

Exchanges and Returns

As these are manual processes, we have a margin of imperfections to be accepted. Only for products with manufacturing defects, and must be requested within 30 calendar days from the arrival of the product. The request will be evaluated by the company and if the product is defective for our responsibility, you will receive another one at no additional cost. If this product is out of stock, the customer will have credit in our online store to choose another product respecting the same value in advance. We do not carry out exchanges for other reasons. Note: Used product cannot be exchanged.

For the withdrawal of the product purchased through the website, it can be done up to 7 calendar days after payment is made. This option does not apply to purchases made through other social networks.

Contact for exchanges and returns:

Deadline and Deliveries

Regarding the delivery time, we certify up to 20 working days (not including postage) for institutional security, after approval of the artwork. There is flexibility according to schedule availability.


If you are from São Paulo, you can pick up at our studio from 10 am to 6 pm by appointment. For customers from Ribeirão Preto, we have the option of the Levare Express that arrives on the same day. For other locations, we use DHL or Correios, whichever is more attractive to the customer. The delivery value is the responsibility of the customer. Note: refuse open packaging 


Our studio is only for the production of products, not receiving customers. We schedule in-person meetings by appointment, with both wearing masks. Address: Alameda Itu, 1597 - Cerqueira César São Paulo - SP.

Brand Usage Policy

Gabriela Papelaria is a company linked to the products, texts, photographs, images and logos present in this virtual store, which are protected by copyright, industrial property and personality related to image, voice and name.

The Gabriela Papelaria brand is registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the body responsible for trademark registrations in Brazil. Thus, Gabriela Papelaria has the right to prevent third parties from improperly using its brands and other materials published in the online store, thus protecting itself against unfair competition.

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