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Most people like photography, but most of these photos are stored on the cell phone or at most on the computer. The photo album will always be available at any time and can last for generations and generations, being a kind of heirloom for the family. 


Who doesn't have that dream of revealing vintage style polaroids to keep their memories? I have my instax but I never use it because the film is expensive and the pictures come out dark. We have the solution for that. We reveal here in the studio, with photographic quality, the polaroids for you. You can travel, get smeared and come back, and we will reveal the photos taken on your cell phone. 


This mini album was also made to be taken on trips, as it takes up little space. 


In addition, your Beatriz Album will have a unique design and identity, making it more interesting and meaningful. An album to get attention. Nothing has ever seen it like this, an album to assemble and create however you like, especially the colors of our iconic apparent lines. I would say that it is a beautiful, delicate and fragile album. 



Front cover
foil cover